Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Illusia is a diverse team of dancers, aerial artists and flow artists based out of Edmonton, AB. We are a family, a team, and a circle of best friends. We strive to set ourselves apart with our unique style that stems from the heart and soul. To us, performing is an outlet to express our love for life, dance, and music, and to raise the vibration wherever we go – we love to share our passion! We design and hand make the majority of our costumes and accessories to offer you the best quality and most unique performance possible. We will be sure to catch your eye as we breathe life into our performance while we let our personalities shine through each character. Illusia’s vision is to empower and energize each other, our audience and fellow artists to shine bright and be fearless! Let us guide you through the sacred mirrors of illusion where you can be vibrant and free.