Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Festival Guide

Festival Guide

Camping Essentials

Festivals are a place to let loose and have fun, but self-care is important in order to ensure that you have a good time. The following list is a guide for what to bring to make sure your Harvest is a positive experience. Please take good care of yourself at all times and ensure that you are protected from the elements: use sunscreen and protective clothing, stay in the shade, drink enough water, eat enough to keep yourself going and get some sleep (yes, you can sleep at the festival!). Water is available for free; ice is available for purchase at the general store. Food vendors offer meals and snacks on site. EMS and security are available 24 hours per day. Take good care of yourself and those around you and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Camping Checklist PDF

Early Camping

If you want to arrive early to get a head start on your camp spot, you may enter the grounds after 6pm on Thursday July 12 for an early entrance fee. During the event free re-entry is permitted with a wristband. But, why don't you just stick around? We're awesome. The front gate re-opens on Friday July 13 at 11am. 

Family Camping

Family Camping is a home-away-from-home for the family that likes to festival. It is located close to the festival grounds, food vendors, showers, toilets, playground and security. Close proximity to amenities makes it easier for families to make quick trips back to camp if needed. The family camping area is also the best spot for RVs due to there being ample flat ground in this area. It should be noted that this space is situated in close proximity to the stages, which will be playing music late into the evening and morning. Most parents report, however, that their little ones are tuckered out from all the fun and activities of the day that they tend to sleep regardless. Quieter campsites are available but are located much deeper into the campground and are a further walk from amenities. Families are welcome to camp in the family campground, quieter zone or anywhere they feel most comfortable!  For more information check out our Family Planning Guide.

Green Festival Guide

Earth Care    People Care  Future Care

Astral Harvest cares for the Earth and strives to become greener each year.   

The festival has made some great changes that allow us to become better stewards of the sacred land we are so blessed to use. 

We are not able to do these great things without your continued help! One of the best ways that you can give back to the hard-working organizers, volunteers and landowners is to help maintain and even regenerate the land!

The best ways that you can support Astral Harvest during the festival:


  • Please be mindful of others and the environment
  • Please store and properly dispose of cigarette butts (personal butt containers will be available at the information booth)
  • If you are smoking on the dance floor please do so on the periphery; be mindful towards others with respiratory conditions

Fire hazards

  • Do not move or displace fire rings
  • Please dispose of your butts and garbage responsibly (DO NOT PUT BUTTS IN FIRE RINGS)
  • Fires only in designated fire rings at camp
  • DO NOT put garbage in the fire rings!


  • Keep your cooler, garbage, and bottles in your vehicle at night
  • Do not burn food
  • Do not leave food out - Do not use the forest as composting grounds
  • If you see a bear: Remain calm, stand your ground, don’t run away or act scared and notify security as soon as possible

Respect the land

  • Pick up garbage/ recycling when you see it and place it in the proper bins.
  • Separate your refundables from other recycling in clear plastic bags. 
  • If you place your filled garbage and recycling close to the paths, our lovely volunteers will collect them twice per day.
  • Take out what you bring in (leave no trace/ leave a regenerative trace)
  • We would love your help in taking cardboard, plastics and non-refundable recycling off-site and recycling them at home as there is no local recycling depot for plastics and cardboard.
  • Keep your campsite tidy and clean it up before you leave
  • Stay on the festival side of the river area; the other side of the river is private property
  • Read the signs and stay in bounds as there are private residences near the festival grounds
  • Do not throw anything into the forest, even if it’s biodegradable

Become a lower impact camper:

  • Pack reusable water bottles and travel mugs.  Reusable bottles only will be available for purchase.
  • Purchase food items in bulk and store in reusable containers (less packaging).
  • Keep it simple and bring in only the food or other supplies you think you really need.
  • Leave items that can become MOOP (matter out of place) at home - These are items that do not originate from the land but can be easily lost into the landscape at festivals. This would include feathers, loose fur, small jewelry, nails, screws, and glass.
  • Purchase high-quality camping gear when possible so it will last longer and becomes less disposable.

Get Home Safe

  • Be well rested and sober before leaving the festival
  • If you have been awake for 18 hours or more, or if you have had 6 hours of sleep or less in the past 24 hrs, you are at a high risk for a drowsy driving crash, even if you don’t feel sleepy
  • Rest before you drive!
  • Be responsible and look after your friends; don’t let them drive under the influence


Astral Harvest values the intention of caring for the land we all hope to visit for many years to come. Our Green Initiatives are put in place to help protect our long-term vision to respect the place many of us call "home".  This season we are continuing our core value: All food and drinks must only be served using compostable or reusable dishes and cutlery. Eventually, we hope to do more composting and to become a fully, "Leave a Regenerative Trace" festival.