Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Grid Division

​Known for combining elements of funk, jazz, and blues with live instrumentation and electronic music production, Grid Division has a unique, well developed sound that’s guaranteed to get you out on the floor, movin’ and groovin’ in a whole new way. ​Since arriving on the scene two short years ago, Grid Division has been making some of the funkiest tunes in the electronic music scene. With releases like Funk Vision, Groove Patrol, The Low Down and a steady stream of singles and official remixes, Noah Killeen has been making leaps and bounds with his innovative production style. Noah has released music on many world renowned labels including, Adapted Records, Impossible Records, MalLabel Music, and Westwood Recordings. Grid Division’s music has been featured in a variety of DJ mixes, including The Funk Hunters’ All Good Radio Mix, Krafty Kuts' Nest HQ MiniMix, and Father Funk’s 2016 & 2017 Shambhala Mixes. You're guaranteed to bust some radically groovy moves and walk away with a few new tricks up your sleeve after getting down with Grid Division.