Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Wadjit (Feat. MC 3p OH)

Quickly establishing herself as a leading force within the Canadian drum and bass scene; Wadjit’s name has become synonymous with quality, whether it’s her technical mixing ability, her crisp taste in tunes or her relentless pursuit of elevating the status of the drum and bass culture in her hometown of Edmonton.
Now having recently moved to Calgary, Wadjit is ready to push those boundaries further with the renowned 403DNB collective.
A resident of the globally recognized drum and bass radio station, Wadjit’s presence and imprint on the Canadian music scene is unmistakable. As a long-time resident of Y Afterhours, Astral Harvest and coordinator for Jungle Fever DNB, Wadjit has had a hand in the progression of drum n bass in the city’s underground drum and bass scene.
With hosting Rinse N Wash Radio on, Wadjit has seen the impact of her work worldwide and has been crossing international waters for events such as Sun and Bass (Italy), and having toured in Czech, Germany and Switzerland. Upon her return, she's turned her focus back to the Canadian scenes and managed to touch down in several festivals in 2017 including Shambhala.
Ever evolving and exploring, Wadjit thrives on building the blends of dark driving basslines, crisp amens and rolling energy through her dance floor bringing the crowd to the cusp of a frenzy ready to bring the rafters down.

Meeting through Jungle Fever and collaborating on shows like Danny Byrd and Bassdrive Sessions Edmonton, Wadjit and MC 3p OH quickly established a groove and vibe not to be seconded that reaches the highest of peaks feeding from the energy of the beings on the Wakah Chan dance floor.

MC 3p OH:
With over 12 years on the mic in Drum & Bass, Mc 3p OH has become a versatile and familiar voice to the Edmonton DNB scene. He has performed alongside some of the world's biggest acts such as: Loadstar, Metrik, Black Sun Empire, Dub Phizix, Nu:Logic and many more.
Over the last few years Mc 3p OH has made waves with his unique style of MCing and dedication to supporting Alberta Jungle/DNB. His ability to hype a crowd and provide a vibe through lyrical content is sure to impress. Affiliated with the respected YEGDNB, Funk Bunker and Jungle Fever crews, there is plenty more in days to come.