Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Basket Live

Welcome, fun seekers! ‘The Basket’, as it’s colloquially called, is a shortened form of ‘Angelica’s Basket’, which takes its name from the beautiful indigenous plant seen growing throughout the festival grounds. Similar looking to yarrow, but on a much larger scale, Angelica’s Basket boasts dainty feminine white flowers bursting from a robust masculine stem. Like the plant, the stage is rugged with its live music, raw spoken word and hip hop and at the same time, soft and pretty, with song, dance and ceremony to move you into the deepest heart spaces. The Basket Live Stage is located in the field in between the Market Stage and the Interstellevator Stage and by day, is the primary venue for Astral Harvard, the festival’s institution of higher learning. By night, the Basket hosts an eclectic blend of live music and participatory, alternative art forms and performances. Come check out what Angelica has in store- you never know what fun you might find going on at the Basket.