Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Fallow

Land is left fallow, or unsown, in order to restore its fertility. Enter this sacred space, be still and open your heart to healing from within. The Fallow is a sacred space created with the intent to offer festival participants the opportunity for personal healing work in a safe environment. Healers have been called 'tour guides' of the psyche/soul-emissaries between this world and the limitless world of spirit. A healer, or space holder, acts as your personal guide in a process you undertake to heal aspects of yourself that are out of balance. Practitioners are trained in a range of modalities including reiki, tonic herbalism, nutritional development, sound healing, energy medicine, shamanic healing, acupressure, wound healing, chakra balancing and more. Come to The Fallow to sign up for a healing session with a given practitioner. Private healing sessions range from 20 minutes to 2 hours in length and are by donation. Group sound healing sessions are also available. The Fallow will be open for meditation and 'chilling' at times throughout the festival - please see The Fallow for details. All are welcome here! Namaste (Sanskrit greeting)