Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Manor

“A little party never killed nobody.”Wheelhouse Productions rules this house! Here, underground authenticity meets cutting edge musical style. That’s the Wheelhouse mission, and it stands true amongst the elegant and eerie mystique of The Manor’s multidimensional stage design. Think Tim Burton meets the Great Gatsby.The Manor houses daytime, beach party vibes, then transforms into a raw, edgy, dance floor, when the sun goes down. Within these festival walls, memories are made; enhanced by the uncompromising sound system presented by FJS (Freeburn Jenson Sound). A fresh audio experience, exclusive to Wheelhouse Productions, combined with the collective efforts of passionate sound and lighting techs, and the stunning visuals, generated by Cerebral Sight, make this stage worthy of its place as Astral Harvest's Manor!Welcome to our house. Avery Kremer – Creative DirectorBeing the only female in the Wheelhouse Productions crew has its perks for Kremer–she gets what she wants! Good thing too. This boss girl’s strident stance and big picture mentality has paid off. Alongside the vision and ambitious dedication of her male counterparts, Avery provides the team with both large, and small-scale creative direction (bossiness, let’s be real). This boss behaviour, however, has lead to the establishment of the Wheelhouse identity, fostering a community around their brand. Avery’s unique insight and creative energy drive The Manor Stage’s concept and design. She’d love to tell you about it, but she’s busy doing things. Travis Mateeson – Stage ManagerTravis, AKA Avery’s husband, or simply Mateeson, to the DJ crowd is no stranger to the electronic music community. His reputation as a house music DJ, is only preceded by the respect he’s acquired in the logistical success of Wheelhouse Production’s endeavours. Along with the expertise of the Wheelhouse crew, Travis’s leadership and experience propel The Manor Stage’s production.He’s always doing things. But he’s never too busy for you–just give him a couple hours. Patrice J Suave – Sound/Stage ManagerWHEELHOUSE CREWBeat BurglardpmMr. WedgeWild Bill WyldeJohn GlasseyMateesonJoyOne SoundSystems