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Astral Harvest is situated on the beautiful North Country Fair festival grounds owned by the Lesser Slave Lake North Country Community Association near Driftpile, Alberta.  The site is approximately 3.5hrs north of Edmonton, Alberta. 

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Early Camping

If you want to arrive early to get a head start on your camp spot, you may enter the grounds after 6pm on Thursday July 13 for an early entrance fee. During the event free re-entry is permitted with a wristband. But, why don't you just stick around? We're awesome.

The front gate re-opens on Friday July 14 at 11am.


Family Camping

Close to amenities

Family Camping is a home-away-from-home for the family that likes to festival. It is located close to the festival grounds, food vendors, showers, toilets, playground and security. Close proximity to amenities makes it easier for families to make quick trips back to camp if needed. The family camping area is also the best spot for RVs due to there being ample flat ground in this area. It should be noted that this space is situated in close proximity to the stages, which will be playing music late into the evening and morning. Most parents report, however, that their little ones are tuckered out from all the fun and activities of the day that they tend to sleep regardless. Quieter campsites are available but are located much deeper into the campground and are a further walk from amenities. Families are welcome to camp in the family campground, quieter zone or anywhere they feel most comfortable!  For more information check out our Family Planning Guide.


Astral Harvest Site Map

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Camping Essentials

Festivals are a place to let loose and have fun, but self-care is important in order to ensure that you have a good time. The following list is a guide for what to bring to make sure your Harvest is a positive experience. Please take good care of yourself at all times and ensure that you are protected from the elements: use sunscreen and protective clothing, stay in the shade, drink enough water, eat enough to keep yourself going and get some sleep (yes, you can sleep at the festival!). Water is available for free; ice is available for purchase at the general store. Food vendors offer meals and snacks on site. EMS and security are available 24 hours per day. Take good care of yourself and those around you and most importantly, HAVE FUN! 

Camping Checklist PDF


Public Service Announcements



  • Please be mindful of others and the environment
  • Please store and properly dispose of cigarette butts
  • If you are smoking on the dance floor please do so on the periphery; be mindful towards others with respiratory conditions

Fire hazards

  • Do not move or displace fire rings
  • Please dispose of your butts and garbage responsibly (DO NOT PUT BUTTS IN FIRE RINGS)
  • Fires only in designated fire rings at camp


  • Work together to keep your festival and motherland clean! 
  • If you see cigarette butts or garbage, help by throwing refuse away in the nearest designated garbage can
  • Read our Green Festival Guide


  • Keep your cooler, garbage and bottles in your vehicle at night
  • Do not burn food
  • Do not leave food out - Do not use the forest as composting grounds
  • If you see a bear: Remain calm, stand your ground, don’t run away or act scared and notify security as soon as possible

Respect the land

  • Take out what you bring in (leave no trace/ leave a regenerative trace)
  • Keep your campsite tidy and clean it up before you leave
  • Stay on the festival side of the river area; the other side of the river is private property
  • Read the signs and stay in bounds as there are private residences near the festival grounds
  • Do not throw anything into the forest, even if it’s biodegradable

Get Home Safe

  • Be well rested and sober before leaving the festival
  • If you have been awake for 18 hours or more, or if you have had 6 hours of sleep or less in the past 24 hrs, you are at a high risk for a drowsy driving crash, even if you don’t feel sleepy
  • Rest before you drive!
  • Be responsible and look after your friends; don’t let them drive under the influence



Please take the time to read and understand this section. If you have a question that we haven't answered Contact Us


When Is Astral Harvest, Where, and How Do I Get There?

July 13 to July 16, 2018 at Driftpile, AB. 3.5 hours north of Edmonton, 3 hours from Grande Prairie, 6.5 hours from Calgary, 10 hours from Saskatoon, 14 hours from Vancouver

Detailed directions can be found here

Where Can I Get Tickets?

Festival passes and Saturday Only passes available online here.

Festival passes available will be available in stores soon.

Foosh - 10544 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB. (780) 491-6980)
Grassroots - 112 10 St NW, Calgary, AB. (403) 270-2193

Can I Bring My Child to Astral Harvest?

Absolutely. Astral Harvest is a family friendly event and we welcome kids of all ages. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian (with government issued documentation) - no exceptions. Children 12 and under are free and must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. 

PLEASE watch your kids carefully at all times; you are solely responsible for their well-being. EVERYONE WILL BE ID’D AT THE GATE.

Can I Bring My Pet to Astral Harvest?

No.  Guide dogs only will be permitted. For safety reasons and the comfort of all guests, we ask that you refrain from bringing animals to the Harvest. Vehicles will be searched and if a pet is found, you will be turned around at the gate. Find a caring sitter or kennel before you make the trip!

Can I Leave a Ticket at the Gate, or Can I Go Find My Friend Who Has My Ticket?

No. The main gate will not hold tickets, allow temporary access, or bargain the gate price.

When Does the Front Gate Open?

The front gate opens on July 13 at 11am. If you want to come early, you may arrive after 6pm on Thursday, July 12 for an early entrance fee. Unapproved arrivals before then will be turned away. During the event free re-entry is permitted with a wrist band. But, why don’t you just stick around? We’re awesome.

Can I Stay After the Festival Is Over?

All guests must vacate the land by 10am on Tuesday, July 17. Please be sure you’ve had at least 8 hours of sleep before the drive home. We want all guests to make it home safe and sound so they can join us again next year!

What Should I Bring to the Harvest?

Check out our Camping Essentials List.

We encourage guests to bring party toys including hoops, poi, staff, flags... but NO UNAUTHORIZED FIRE SPINNING ALLOWED ON SITE!

Should I Bring My RV / Trailer?

Yes, you can! There are no RV hook-ups. Absolutely no generators (even built-ins) may run in the campground.

Are There Alternative Accommodations Nearby?

Alternative camping available and private and public campgrounds in the area. Visit the Big Lake County Tourism website for more information. Re-entry is permitted with your festival wristband for the duration of the event. The nearest hotels are in High Prairie or Slave Lake.

Can I Have a Fire at My Campsite?

Yes, weather permitting. Safety is the main priority so ensure the fire is properly tended. Keep fires small and manageable and inside the provided fire pits. Fire pits may not be moved from where they are found - this causes increase risk of fire mishaps and unnecessary scarring of the land.

Can I Have My Own Renegade Stage in the Campsite?

No we do not allow renegade stages. For the enjoyment of and respect for everyone, only the official stages may operate. Any stages in the campground will be shut down. Acoustic instruments are welcome.

Is There Cell Service?

Cell service is very rare - it's best to make your plans ahead of time.

Is There Water and / or Ice Available on Site?

Yes. Tap water is available free; please bring your own refillable containers. Ice is available for purchase from the General Store.

Is Alcohol Allowed on Site?

​Alcohol ​is permitted at Astral Harvest, however, consumption is only allowed at your camp site and no alcohol is permitted on the festival grounds. Any alcohol seen outside of your camp site or on the road in the camping area will be confiscated. Responsible consumption is mandatory and any attendees who are not being responsible run the risk of being removed from the event. Astral Harvest is a family friendly event and we expect everyone attending to be responsible and safe. No Glass is allowed on the festival grounds or campsites. 

What Amenities Are on Site?

The following amenities are available: artisan marketplace, food vendor area, ATM (cash machine), coin operated showers, plenty of clean, well-kept washrooms. The General Store sells ice and carries essential items that Harvesters might have forgotten.

What Do I Do With My Garbage / Recycling?

Please place all of your garbages in black bags and brought to refuse areas to be deposited. Refundable's should be crushed and placed in provided containers or placed in clear bags, sealed, to be picked up by site beauty volunteers. It would be a great help to take other recycling (cardboard and plastics) out with you and recycle them in your home town as there are no local recycling depots. Pack out what you pack in and ensure your campsite is left spotless. Extra garbage and recycling bags available at the gate. Cigarette butts must be placed in appropriate bins. RESPECT THE SPACE. LEAVE NO TRACE. Also, Read our Green Festival Guide 

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