Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Home is not a place,
it's a feeling

Astral Harvest is a celebration of music, art, knowledge, community and the human experience.


Listen and Dance

Enjoy the sounds of talented musicians and producers from all over the world showcased on enticing stages that are sure to provide the ultimate visual and auditory experience. Daytime, Night-time, Chill, and Acoustic; There is a little something for everyone.


Learn and Create

Explore untapped elements of your intellectual, intuitive, and creative mind.  Join skilled facilitators from our community as they share their knowledge on a variety of topics and artistic mediums.  Seek an inner truth or learn a new art form. Whatever it may be, walk away feeling inspired.


Move and Flow

Get your body moving, explore a new skill, or sharpen up a familiar one. The variety of workshops are sure to stimulate some curiosity within, so embrace the intrigue and challenge yourself. The diversity of workshops include yoga, dance, flow arts, and many more. People of all levels of experience are welcome, especially beginners!


Step Into Fantasy

Marvel at the artistry and impressive visual and performance art on display throughout the festival. Be mesmerized by sultry belly dancers, captivating fire shows, dazzling aerialists, and everything in between.



The playground is the meeting place for families where activities of all sorts have been planned to engage the little harvesters!  Meet other parents and enjoy a bit of a break as someone else takes a turn engaging your kids.


Eat and Shop

The Marketplace is the social hub of the festival. Fill your tummy with food from vendors offering a variety of choices and observe the rows of craft vendors peddling an assortment of only the finest wares.



Immersive environments and intentional spaces throughout the festival grounds are sure to stimulate your senses or offer a place to rest your weary feet.

© Astral Harvest 2017